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rookkey2's Journal

The Procrastinata
1 June
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aim profiles, alanis morissette, alfred hitchcock, alphabetizing, barely local, benjamin franklin, bridget jones's diary, butlers, california raisins, cartman, caution tape, comments on lj, con air, court tv, cruising, curb your enthusiasm, dadaism, dana carvey, david wain, dearth, debbie does dallas, dream phone, dubya, e!, electric blankets, emperor's new groove, ferguson darling, font jokes, fox news channel, friends, george orwell, ghostwriter, gong show, good charlotte, gran, handlebar moustaches, harry potter scarves, hogwarts, honey we shrunk ourselves, hot showers, i love lucy, i love the 80s, improv, inside jokes, janet's work countdown, john malkovich, jovial chins, jumping into chatarunga, kissing babies syndrome, larry david, laughing obnoxiously at ebert, legit mail and emails, lemmiwinks, lhs swim team, little mermaid, manamana, manos--the hands of fate, mayor tippy dink, michael ian black, michael showalter, mo rocca, mrgreen5, my tina fey glasses, new york city, notes to self, office space, olympics, our lady peace, paul rudd, people magazine, perry potter, pillows, popsicles and their jokes, prank phone calling, psycho (1960 version), r.l. stine, republicans, sallie clark for mayor, saturday night live, saved by the bell, seinfeld, shepard smith, shirley temple, simpsons, socko, speaking in acronyms, spell check, staring contests, stella shorts, super mario bros./duck hunt, swimming, tapetays, teasing little kids, the bald soprano, tina fey, torgo, trash tv, up top playerz, vanilla coke, vernacular, wet hot american summer, will ferrell, www.drudgereport.com, www.hatefulbanter.com, www.lnsemsf.com, www.quizilla.com, yatta