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Go see "Mean Girls"! It will change your life.

So whoa, it's been three months since my last update. Don't feel bad. It's not's me. My tangible journal is very much the same way, with sporadic nonsensical updates every couple months.

April was probably the craziest month of my life. It started out with Matt's juggling festival, then Improvideo, then the fashion show, then the play, then the last week of school, then checkouts, then ushering for graduation. After ushering today, I headed over to the freshman dorm to do RA stuff. I'm on duty tomorrow, along with doing RA office stuff in the freshman dorm, a meeting with my RD, and checking people out. Then the seniors check out on Sunday, and I have to check out on Monday. My first day of real actual do-nothing-all-day summer will be Tuesday, I hope. Unless something pops up. Which it better not. Or I will flip out. I have penciled in some very crucial sitting around time.

As for this summer, I'm staying in New York, and so is Janet! I'm going to be a summer RA on campus. I'm also on conference staff. I have to play hotel maid--changing sheets, setting out towels, and the like. It should be a most excellent summer, especially with so many people staying in the city. We're hoping to do some quality improv, too.

I keep turning around to check the clock that's not there. I used to update my lj when I worked in the computer lab and I constantly turned around to check the time. Except here in the RA office, there is no clock behind me. Now I associate lj with turning around every 30 seconds. Hmmm. Come to think of it, turning around so much probably caused me to miss a lot of ID-less people.

That's about as condensed as it gets. Bring on my uninterrupted lazy summer...I am SO ready!
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